So far, 2017 has been pretty LIT!

Today is July 16, 2017 and which means we have 168 days left until the new year. It’s the beginning of the third quarter of 2017 and it’s important to review the year before we actually close it out. I have a lot to be grateful for and as I reflect on the year so far, I’m appreciative of all the ups and downs in my life. More importantly, I like to see when those in my circle have wins:

a) Finished my first year of my doctoral program!

b) Traveled to Spain and England within a span of two weeks.

c) Started contributing articles to Blavity.

d) Created a whole series on the StudentAffairsCollective website focused on doctoral students of color. My article actually received the most views (over 1000) out of the series.

e) Completed another Spartan Race. I even bruised my ribs after falling off a wall 5x.

f) Hung out with my big bro who visited California as well as one of my best friends who flew in from Dubai!

g) Got to see Cornell West and Alexander Astin speak to my doctoral program about very important topics.

h) Some of my favorite students graduated and I cried because I’m definitely going to miss them.

i) I got to see my lady present on her passion at a national conference!

j) One of my all-time favorite students visited me (I see you, B!)

k) My lady presented her dissertation topic and received positive insights and comments.

l) One of my friends was able to reconcile another friendship after quite some time.

m) A friend of mine was hospitalized for a very serious health matter, but fortunately  pulled through and is home.

n) I did a photo shoot for the website and my lady. Shout-out to Focused Fathers!

o) I’m still attending counseling and I do feel as though my mindset is gradually moving in the right direction.

We still have 168 days, 4034 days, and 242096 minutes before January 1, 2018. There’s still so much more to do and see. Keep at it because I know I will!

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