About Me

“Why this page?”

“Why now?”

“Who is this guy?!

Those are probably some of the questions going through your mind right now and lemme get a moment to lay the tracks for you. I’m a highly melanated character in this game called “life” and looking to live it to the fullest despite the obstacles and systems that try to hinder me.

I created this blog as an opportunity to highlight the varied experiences of life through a melanated and educated  perspective in the current context of today.  I noticed that moving through life as an educated Black person brings a lot of ups and downs, yet we need to be celebrated. We’re more than just the Ivory towers, degrees, and brunches. We’re beautiful, hustlin’, and don’t forget where we came from. I have a duty to my community to share these various moments so those after me can believe that it is possible to achieve your dreams and academic aspirations. You can be well-traveled, talk theory, and love anime. You can enjoy professional wrestling, Jay Z, and saving money.

This blog will highlight the peaks and valleys as a young, Black man and I invite you, the reader, to partner with me throughout the journey.

I’ll post an assortment of posts discussing numerous topics and items while also giving space to others to speak their minds/thoughts.  Ask questions, give encouragement, share your thoughts (good/bad)!  We’re in this together so let’s enjoy the ride!