A Reminder: A Black Body Was Lynched Yesterday…

A Black man was lynched yesterday. Admired. Respected. Cherished…And I couldn’t watch another video showcasing this Black body’s thoughtless, violent erasure through state-sanctioned murder. I couldn’t bring myself to sit through another viewing of “pain on display”. I didn’t want to listen to those last words that oft accompanies our Black bodies when we are moments away from death. “I can’t breathe”. A Black man with a family was lynched yesterday in Baton Rouge.

I didn’t want to put another post up because it feels like a vicious cycle of hurt and pain each time. A Black woman was lynched yesterday while in her apartment with her boyfriend. My spirit is tired. My head is throbbing because another Black life was taken. A Black trans woman was lynched yesterday in Baltimore.

Yet, you have so many (yt)people protesting about their right to work and their right to get a damn haircut. They stand at the state capital in Michigan with AR-15s because they’re upset they have to stay inside. A Black boy was lynched today in Cleveland, OH. You have that (yt) woman calling the police on a Black man because he told her to leash her animal in Central Park. A Black Harvard-educated man was ALMOST lynched yesterday.

I’m tired y’all. Tired of watching Black trauma play out in front of eyes lustful for shock value and violence. A Black woman was lynched yesterday while in police custody. I’m tired of watching the initial unrest dissipate when the murders are no longer dominating a news cycle. A group of nine Black church goers were lynched today in Charleston, SC. I’m tired of calling (yt) people and others of color to band together to be our allies. Did you know four Black girls were lynched yesterday at a church in Birmingham, AL?

Don’t get it twisted. I’m not desensitized by a long shot, however, my spirit is tired. My body is tired, but the fire to keep moving as resistance is not. A Black teenager was lynched yesterday in the streets of Ferguson. The ability to continue to look at the Karens and Steves of the world in their eyes and let them know, we gon’ be alright. A Black jogger was lynched yesterday in Brunswick, GA. Even in the midst of a pandemic, anti-blackness and racism continues to rear its head. Yet, despite all of that, I will not give up. It is our duty to fight. It is our duty to win. What will you do when duty calls?

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