#UnpopularOpinion: Want to Stop Me at a Party? Play Poison

Last night, I went to one of the virtual clubs that everyone’s been talking about. I jumped into DJ D-Nice’s over the weekend and it was cool, but I realized that it didn’t have exactly what I was looking for. The level of ratchetness that was emanating from the club speakers when I was in my clubbing days was missing. I’m talking about Nasty Song by Lil’ Ru or Beam Ahh by Dj Chipman. I loved DJ D-Nice’s set, but it wasn’t a down south party. I love when a DJ is able to transition from TX to FL to Nawlin’s to Atl and more all within the same party. It’s difficult. Buuut, what I don’t like? Is when we move the song Poison by BBD. That will literally stop the whole entire night for me whether virtually or in real life.

Now, I know people hold this song in high regard and its basically slander to disparage it, but issa no for me. I’ve seen the song on top 10 lists, heard it in conversations about it being better than Return of the Mack (which is blasphemous), and its a staple in the club. The song was included in the films Pootie Tang and Pineapple Express, TV shows A Different WorldIt’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaScrubsGlee, and the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andrea. This was BBD’s first #1 single. The song continues to be part of pop culture and is celebrated 30 years after its release on Feb. 24, 1990.

I don’t know when/how it happened, but my disdain for the song seems to grow. I’ve been at parties and literally just stopped everything I was doing when the song came on. That wedding I went to? Went to go sit down as soon as the DJ started the transition. Maybe it’s been played too much over the years or we’ve overhyped it. I feel the same about This is How We Do It. What’s some of your most hated songs that everyone else seems to love?

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