Thoughts on Meg Thee Stallion’s GPA

Every now and then, the innanet baffles me by the level of gall and audacity people tend to display on a variety of topics. One of the best places to look? Twitter. More specifically, #blacktwitter. During an interview with the Breakfast Club, Meg Thee Stallion shared how she’s balancing her amazing rap career and still managing to earn a 2.7 GPA as a college student at Texas Southern. Keep in mind that she’s had a few difficulties since her journey into superstardom (mother AND grandmother passing away, label issues, and more). Being a normal college student is difficult enough and I should know as I’ve worked with some amazing scholars throughout my career working in higher education.

Not every scholar is going to graduate with a high GPA, let alone one as high as a 2.7. One can only imagine the level of discipline and tenacity is needed to balance all the regular demands of college on top of being a superstar. I tilt my hat to Meg for holding it down and showing peeps how to make it happen. I thought that was a honest moment that should have endeared people to her more, yet for some reason, it turned into a bashing of her GPA and even her intelligence (which is super corny). Below are some of the tweets that stood out to me:

Just a few thoughts for the people who are throwing stones:

  1. Why do you even care?
  2. What’s your GPA?
  3. What happened to compassion?
  4. We ask for celebrities to be vulnerable and true just to turn it around to throw it in their face.
  5. Can you balance your own schedule and still manage to achieve all of your dreams and goals?
  6. Even with a 2.7 GPA, she’s still doing better than many of you in school now.
  7. Just stop…

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