Happy Halloween: I Watched Chucky as a Grown A** Man & I Have Questions?!?!

I definitely didn’t know that Halloween was this week until I saw a lot of people dressed up at parties over the weekend. Halloween always struck me as a weird “holiday” because people use it as an excuse to do/say foolish things that they normally wouldn’t even bother to do. Add to that the level of ignorance that tends to take place from people (read yt) when it comes to blackface, culturally insensitive costumes, and other bits of craziness that takes place on October 31st. In trying to get in the spirit, the wife and I decided to watch some scary movies to be festive which proved to be hilarious.  I forget that when you get older, your views change and you start to notice things that you never paid attention to before as a child.  Scenes that seemed harmless back in the day are just weird now and/or creepy now. This brings me to our viewing of Child’s Play.  A quick peak on IMDB provides a short synopsis:

A single mother gives her son a much sought-after doll for his birthday, only to discover that it is possessed by the soul of a serial killer.

The movie went on to spawn six follow-up movies and even has a tv series in the works. As great as the movie was, I can’t help, but have a few observations that I had to capture:

  1. Nobody thinks its weird that a grown ass man wants to put his soul inside of a doll? I mean, I get that the doll was all that was available, buuut something just seems off about this one to me.
  2. I never figured out why Chucky went on such a killing spree in the first movie until the wife and I realized that it was to attract the detective who shot him in the beginning of the movie. Chucky never got to kill the detective, however, I wondered what the point of Chucky AFTER the first movie.
  3. How did Andy get around the city without ANYONE intervening? Was Chicago that relaxed in the 80s? A 6-year old child can get on the subway and move around without issue? Andy didn’t go to the Southside.
  4. I never realized that a Black man taught Charles Ray Lee (human form of Chucky) the voodoo juice that ended up moving Lee’s soul into the doll. The interesting part? The intention was never to have these magical powers used for evil, yet Lee (a yt man) got a little bit of power!
  5. Listen to the kids! Andy was trying to tell everyone that the damn doll was talking to him, but it wasn’t until an adult seen Chucky, the doll became an issue. Sometimes, the kids know the truth. Listen because you might learn something!
  6. I wonder how this movie would’ve played out if it took place on the Southside of Chicago. What would’ve happened to Chucky? Would he have such brazen confidence?
  7. I just realized that the mother in the movie is actually the mother from 7th Heaven!?! Never eem noticed!
  8. Why was Chucky hair so nappy? Nobody pressed his hair the entire movie? Come on nih!

This is why I can’t watch a lot of movies or shows from my childhood because I’m going to question everything. Chucky used to scare the hell out of me, but NOW!?! I’m just laughing at the hilarity of the movie. Le sigh…Candyman is still better!


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