Successful, Blessed, and Still Depressed

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The Pedestal Project

By Tekita Bankhead

About two months ago, I hit a low point. I sat in my office after staring at my computer screen for hours. For the life of me, I could not concentrate on anything. I couldn’t begin to do anything productive with work or my website. I kept re-reading emails over and over because they just weren’t registering, all the while panicking every time a new email notification buzzed. I can’t let myself get this behind. If I do, I’ll never get caught up. I closed my office door hoping that it would help me focus but also because I didn’t have the energy for usual colleague small-talk. Why couldn’t I do my work? I love my job, and I have some of the most awesome colleagues and supervisors I’ve ever worked with. I take extreme pride in my career and The Pedestal Project, but what I…

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