Sprint Cannot Be Trusted…

have a confession to make. Back in high school, I used to think that working at a cellphone store in the mall was one of the top jobs you could get as a teenager. One reason was you could get discounts on phones/bill. The main reason?  The real reason? It was a solid way to meet women and potentially shoot your shot. Mind you, I’ve never worked at a phone kiosk or store, but I’ve heard tales of how it works for men AND women. I recall how one woman shared how she met her boyfriend who came in to her store to get an upgrade on a phone. Snapped a few pictures and exchanged contact information and years later, they’re together. One guy shared how his lady needed her phone fixed and he gave her his direct number to make sure she always met with him when he came into the store. Now, these are both tame situations that hide a very real danger:

You’re exchanging your numbers so much at every turn in the store and someone overheard it and takes it down to contact you. Or better yet, you use one of the phones to call yourself and someone grabs it!

This is why I don’t make phone calls or take pictures on store phones because you never know who’s going to have access to it. I was just at T-Mobile a few months ago and saw an iPhone X with a number of selfies a young woman took. It’s nothing to text the pic to yourself, do an image search and find out who the person is. Again, never a good situation especially if you have someone who doesn’t believe in boundaries or asking to take action.

Apparently, a video that’s being shared around Facebook shows a glimpse of what this looks like in person. See the video below:


Some thoughts:

I don’t how the boyfriend found out about the text messages that the Sprint rep was sending, but I DO know, he ain’t want that smoke. When someone says, “I don’t give a f*** about losing this job”, you know they have nothing to lose. Everything was cool until the boyfriend slapped the phone out his hand. That’s when the rep’s demeanor changed and things went a whole different way.

The girlfriend didn’t convince me that the rep just got her number and just started texting her out of the blue. Besides a couple of throwaway lines, she didn’t seem to believe it herself. She know damn well she gave that rep her number and tried to flip the script. What tripped me out was the rep was trying to show the boyfriend the messages, but ol’ boy decided to just slap the phone out of the rep’s hand.

If he wanted to, the rep could’ve blown up her whole entire spot because he has access to every single call, text, website, and more that’s on the woman’s phone. He could’ve pulled all of that out and really showed some receipts. It’s petty, but also, he didn’t give a f*** about losing his job.

After this, I’m really starting to believe that Sprint is shady and can never get it together. First, their bad service (I ain’t ever heard anyone say that they love Sprint). Second, they stole the “Can You Hear Me Now” guy from Verizon and now this. I know Sprint is merging with T-Mobile, but I need them to not bring that type of foolishness over on the Magenta side of town.





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