#WisdomWednesdays: Let’s Decrease these robocalls…I hate ’em and you do too!


That is usually my go to phrase for these constant robocalls from CA, NV, TX, NJ, NY, AL, and a litany of other places calling me about one of the following items:

*Health Insurance

*ObamaCare/Affordable Care Act

*Lowering the premium on my car

*Lowering the interest rates on my: student loans, car, home (even though I don’t have one)

*Bank of *insert something* is being sued and I need to claim my money.

These phone calls are so gotdamn annoying and they come at all times of the day. If you answer the phone and hear a recorded message instead of a live person, it’s a robocall. Sometimes the earliest calls I’ve received have come as early as 4a my time which is terrible to say the least. I put my number on the DoNotCall list and yet, I still was getting phone calls asking if I wanted to opt into Obamacare insurance. Needless to say, the s*** was so frustrating. The Federal Trade Commission notes that they’ve seen an increase of illegal robocalls due to scammers easily manipulating internet powered phone systems. As of May 2018, the FTC filed more than a hunnid lawsuits at over 600 companies for robocalling and violation of the Do Not Call lists. Originally, I thought it was a friend playing jokes on me by putting my number on one of those lists, however, I started noticing other people writing posts about them. Friends noted how they had similar experiences getting robocalls/spam calls at all hours of the night and day. I reached out to T-Mo and it’s an epidemic way more than it should be.


Since I started blocking numbers and even using the iPhone’s spam feature, I’ve been getting less calls. Below I offer some tips and tricks besides blocking your number to help you get rid of those pesky calls. These tips might not stop them completely, but temporary relief is better than nothing in this case:

  • Check with your carrier to see what can be done about these calls: Reaching out to your service provider might prove to be beneficial if you let them know what’s going on. I know of a few people that contacted their provider (it’s not T-Mobile so I won’t mention them here) and it seems like they’re no longer getting a ton of robocalls.
  • Built-In Blockers: 

I noticed that Apple and Samsung (or should I just say Samsung because Apple likes to steal ideas) have built-in blockers for spam callers or people you don’t eem want to talk to. Utilize your resources!

  • Have you joined the Do Not Call registry yet?

If you haven’t by now, go ahead and make that move on over. It’s short, sweet, and will leave you satisfied (maybe).  Head over to the website and add your landline or cellphone number you want on the list. Then you go through an email verification and you’re done. Don’t have a computer near by?  Hit this number for assistance: 1-888-382-1222 from any phone you want on the list

  • There’s an app for that: Call blocking apps are a recent phenomenon to help combat the war on robocalls and unwanted calls that come through your phone. Here are just a few that you can use:


One ring and Nomorobo tries to identify the caller. If the caller is on the Nomorobo list, the app will automatically block the call for you. This is a free app to use for 30 days, after that it costs $1.99 per month or $19.99 for an entire year. Not all major cell carriers support Nomorobo.

Hiya Caller ID & Block:

The Hiya Caller ID & Block app identifies calls that you want to accept and blocking calls and texts you want to avoid. The app is free, with no ads, and is extremely simple to use.  Let’s say you want to blacklist unknown numbers/messages, you can. You want to do a reverse phone search, do it. The power is in your hands!


Truecaller is a free app for iOS and Android. This service lets you find out who’s behind an unknown number. Copy and paste the number into the search bar embedded in the app and watch it work its magic.

This isn’t an extensive list, but I wanted to provide some additional resources or tools that you could utilize at this moment to stop these annoying phone calls. These daily calls are so frustrating, however, I’ve been able to limit the amount of calls by using my iPhone’s built in blocker as well as contacting T-Mobile to help. Hopefully, these tips will help you fight this battle. Any additional tips and tricks that you’ve done to limit these calls?


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