No Matter What They Do: These People & Things Will Always Have Support…

April 25th will go down as one of the most peculiar days in the this year of two-thousand and eighteen that the Lord has made. Not because it’s Ms. Rhode Island’s perfect date, but because of the levels of foolishness that took place today. Ja Rule randomly proclaimed himself to be “one of the most influential rappers of all-time” (I’m going to say he’s kinda right), Microsoft Excel came with a clapback that should land on the top 10 for the year, and Kanye West did Kanye West things. Not College Dropout Ye, but more of the “I really love Donald Trump” Ye. How can this man who stood next to Austin Powers in 2005 and said “George Bush doesn’t like Black people” on live national television, express his love for a man that spews nothing but hatred for anything/anyone with an ounce of color to their skin 13 years later ?

Needless to say, I’m befuddled.  He’s polarizing to say the least. I’m still confused as to why people are saying he’s weird when he’s been this way for a few years by now. Ye no longer surprises me with anything that he does. Either he’s trolling, knows a cheatcode that us common folk don’t know about, or all the above. Anyway, Panama Jackson over at VerySmartBrothas wrote an article that asks, What Does Your Favorite Artist Have to Do to Lost Your Support? I thought this was a valid question because the depths that people will go to rationalize their favorite celebrities is amazing.  I asked a ‘Ye fan earlier yesterday,  “what would ‘Ye have to do to lose his support” and he responded “unjustified murder”. I doubt my friend was completely serious, but it did get me to thinking: no matter what they do, which entertainers/artists/things will always have supporters? We’re living in an era where the curtains are pulled back on our favorite entertainers and we see them behind their masks (it’s not always pretty). For the most part, people are taken to task for some crazy thing(s) they’ve done, but there are a select few that I cannot see this happening to. This could be due to their level of stardom, past works, and current contributions to society.  No matter the reason, these people/things just seem so untouchable at the moment. Will they ever fall?

7.Beyonce: Queen Bey has legions of #Beyhive card-carrying members who believe she can do no wrong and she touches people on a level that is second to none.I’ve witnessed this in person multiple times, don’t debate me. After that #Beychella performance, she’s almost untouchable.I remember the cultural appropriation debacle from a few years back and that story didn’t get much traction. If you come for her and she didn’t send for you, “Bey” prepared.  If you don’t believe me, ask Keri Hilson.

6.  Bill Cosby: I will never understand the numerous conspiracy theories and foolishness that Cosby supporters come up with in lieu of facts. Whether it’s a conspiracy to take down a Black man or the theory that the illuminati wanted to get rid of him because he was about to purchase a tv network, Cosby was sexually assaulting women. I think people hold onto that image of pudding pop loving, good values, Huxtable character instead of seeing him for who he really is. People are still cheering him on.

5. R. Kelly: No comment. Just watch Vince Staples’ commentary.

4. Kanye West: He’s the entertainer that people love to hate. They love his product output  (clothes, music, interview outtakes) more than his political ideologies, but people will never completely leave him. We want to root and cheer for him like we did back in 05, but he makes it harder now with his endorsement of 45. People blame the Kardashian empire, but I say we lost him even before that. No matter what, there will always be a Ye supporter wherever you go.

3. White Supremacy: Enough said.

2. 45: This man can do NO WRONG. None. People (yt, black, green, blue,etc) will make a case for his behavior and defend him like no other. If Obama did or said half of the things 45 is, Obama would be burned at the stake without hesitation. It’s troubling to think we’re only two years into the 45 Social Experiment.

1.  America: The levels of support America receives despite a long history of egregious acts of violence both domestically and internationally and never being held accountable is astounding. ‘Murica.


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