The Non-Woke, Hotep,#Beychella ThinkPiece You Need To Read This Week…

Usually, April 15th is the last  day for taxes to be filed, but April 15, 2018 will go down in history as the day Beyonce snatched everybody’s wigs, lacefronts, and spray-painted hairlines clean off their heads! If you haven’t seen this level of “peak blackness”, I need you to make good decisions and watch the rerun. Beysus-christ! This woman knows how to put on a performance that was CLEARLY for our culture, FOR US! She had everything that you didn’t eem KNOW you needed: HBCU band, stepping, Nina Simone, Jay Z, Fela Kuti, JT Money, Swag-Surfin, the Black Negro National Anthem, and more…at one of the whitest music festivals ever!

There are levels and Beyonce once again, set the bar. Keep in mind, I am not a Beyonce stan or hold a position in the #BeyHive (like my wife who is the VP of Operations), but I will say I am a recent convert as early as the Mrs. Carter tour.I appreciate her as a cultural icon and bomb-ass performer. I see what she means to Black women and girls and I love it.

I know that there will be a plethora of thinkpieces for the rest of the year on this amazing performance, but I feel this one in particularly, will be all you need (at least for the next couple of days):

No, Beyonce, I’m not ready….



It was at this moment, I knew that we all fucked up.



Here you go, Beyonce. I’m not eem gon’ argue with you. 



I just left a stepshow earlier in the day and it’s clear that your org won Beyonce- 7 hours after the show.


For a majority of the show, this was my wife, the Black community, and I.


Me, bald-headed, nervously laughing because I wasn’t ready for any parts of this show clearly. By this time, my ancestors cheered Beyonce on from above.


Yes, Beyonce, my wife and I care. We do. 

Jay Z was able to take a break from babysitting and made an appearance. Doing what Jay Z does best.


Listen…My heart and prayers were with Michelle for this one. I know that Michelle gonna do Michelle things, but I didn’t want a repeat:



Jesus wasn’t gonna let Michelle disrupt the perfection of this event. Let’s forget that c-walk. Jesus died on the cross for Michelle to do that.


One time for Kelly though. She was always my favorite!


“Beyonce, are you gonna let me live or no?”

Beyonce response:

Solange comes out and I love the sisterhood these two share:


For the rest of the night:

Yt people at Beychella experiencing all the “peak blackness” except for Adele:


All Black people:

Beyonce, thank you for giving us the performance that we did not know we needed. In the year of the Black Panther, this is what OUR souls wanted/needed.

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