Short Take: TGIFridays

I wrote this article while sitting in TGIFridays and I’m trying to figure out when did Fridays become “the spot”. I remember when I lived in the DMV area, happy hour at Fridays was a thing for a short while. People would sing their hearts out during karaoke and really be on their fellowship tip. I’m just trying to figure out exactly when did Fridays become the spot for good happy hours. The food selection is aight (everything tastes better when they have unlimited apps), drinks won’t get you to your “special place” any faster than drinking alone, and the musical selection is subpar. Now I’ll admit, when I wasn’t vegetarian, I lived for the boneless Jack wings and a nice drink, but nowadays, meh. Yet, people still make their way on over to Fridays everyday. What’s going on? When did Fridays become the spot?

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