Flavor vs Color? What side are you on?

In the last few months, I visited a couple of dining establishments to grab some food and I had to take a step back when I saw that they each sold Kool-Aid. Despite my initial excitement (I don’t drink it as much anymore because its too sugary-depending on who makes it), almost immediately, I could tell the type of restaurant I was in by the description of the Kool-Aid. In one spot, they called the “red” Kool-Aid, cherry and I quickly declined the offer! EVERYONE knows that you describe Kool-Aid by the color and NOT the damn flavor. I couldn’t do it. It’s almost as if I could taste the “cherry” Kool-Aid: humble, a little sweet, and room-temperature. In another spot, the waitress asked if I wanted some blue Kool-Aid and I already knew what time it was. She brought the drink out: properly sweetened, ice cold, and delicious!

If you call red Kool-Aid “cherry”, I’m going to assume that you cheat on your taxes and in spades, and you probably think that the earth is flat. I can’t lie, there’s a bit of side-eye happening. Now for those that didn’t know, the inventor of Kool-Aid,Edwin Perkins , actually developed six original flavors for the drink: raspberry (Mr. Perkins’ favorite), cherry, grape, lemon, orange, root-beer, and strawberry was added later. I don’t care what Perkins says, but calling the drink by the flavor is just not right. I know this is a random thought, but I noticed that it keeps coming up. So what say you: flavor vs color? Grape vs Purple?



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