Challenge Me: Day #11

If you work in the field of education (especially in the trenches), you understand that the work days are never the same. For some reason, today was particularly stressful, however, I felt the power that comes from laughing to overcome ANY obstacle. When a student got upset about a decision and tried me, I had to immediately catch myself before I went off on them. I just had to laugh because sometimes you can’t help but chuckle at the ridiculousness of life itself. No matter what you do, sometimes its going to be out of your control.

I’m thankful that life taught me how to endure the hardships that the journey brings with it. I’m thankful that the Most High provided me with the ability to find humor in all things (this can be a bad trait to have) because I’ve realized that it could always be worst than our own situation. I can sit here and complain about the people at my job, the high amount of taxes that I pay, however, I’m just thankful I have a job to even pay taxes. Laughter will take you places you never dreamed of and I value laughter more each day. It’s a true blessing to be able to laugh and have the joy to share such a contagious action. Pass it on!

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