Challenge Me: Day #6

Another day, something else to be thankful for in life. My highlight for today was a conversation that I had with one of my mentees about student affairs and just life in general. Now, I’ve known this student since they first stepped onto campus and a bond was made almost immediately. Since then, I’ve had the true honor to watch them truly develop into a well-respected leader and advocate on the campus whom I appreciate so much in my life. This student is interested in getting into the field of student affairs and I can honestly say that they’d be a game changer and will definitely make an impact on so many students’ lives.

Outside of the student affairs talk, the conversation that we had about their journey towards veganism struck a chord. I’m a firm believer that my students teach me more than I teach them and I learned a lot in that short conversation about my own eating habits that I’m encouraged to make some adjustments. I’m not going to say I’m going full vegan (I love dairy!), but I think I can become a vegetarian in due time. It’s something that I go back and forth with, but my mentee made me rethink the possibilities. I have to start making better choices in my life and I think starting with my health is a great starting point. Thank you to my wonderful mentee to pushing me in the right direction.  A true mentor is always open to learning more each day and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to learn from such an awesome mentee.

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