Challenge Me: Day #5

I’m only a few days away from my birthday and I’m getting excited because my lady has something special planned! Even though I asked her not to do anything, she still is going out of her way to make my day special. For those of you who don’t know, I’m not super big on hoopla (contrary to popular belief), but I appreciate nice gestures. I’m looking forward to spending my first married birthday with my wife (I didn’t know that that was a thing). Here’s to another year on the earth filled with love, peace, and greatness!

Now, as for today, I must be honest and say that I’m grateful for my selfishness. I did something for my own care and I’m excited. I purchased WWE 2K18! An updated roster with better modes and creation suites, but most importantly, KURT ANGLE, is back in the mix after a few years. If you don’t know who Kurt Angle is, please see this video.

Now, you’re probably saying “wtf!”, but let me give you some context dear reader. I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was about 9 years old and I grew up on this form of entertainment. I can’t tell you how much The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and more influenced my life. To this day, I can see little nuances that I picked up from them. I haven’t watched a full episode of wrestling in ages (outside of attending Wrestlemania 31-you have to remember your childhood dreams!), but for some reason, when the new game is released, I’m happy. Maybe it’s a way for me to still stay connected or keeping up with what the youngins are doing nowadays.

Growing up, I was either outside wrestling with friends or inside playing wrestling on the consoles. I remember my grandmother purchasing WWF Smackdown for Christmas after multiple hints through the Toys R Us Big Book and I was hooked. There was a down period for a few years (about 8 years actually) until I picked up another wrestling game and since then, it’s like my “Madden Day”. No, it’s not the “2K” that people go crazy about and I’m fine with that. Sometimes you just need to find distractions when life gets a little hectic and I can say this is one outlet that I choose. I’m just happy that I can afford these games without breaking my bank like back in the day. And that’s the bottom line…because this writer said so!

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